Here at KLUS, our designers and engineers are always hard at work developing new high quality, LED component systems that are easy to integrate into everyday living and workspaces. We focus our efforts on developing new designs and evolving our component systems based on our market research and feedback from some of our best customers and representatives.

We are pleased to announce several new LED Lighting products!


AM-24 Mounting Bracket

This handy mounting bracket allows super easy installation and numerous lighting options with Armstrong ceilings.  

The AM-24 mounting bracket is designed for the assembly and mounting of lighting fixtures made of GIZAGIPLIPOD profiles. It enables quick mounting without special tools.  Only for use with flat 15/16 width grid and flat tiles.  


JAZ Extrusion

If you are looking for maximum visual performance, then take a look at our JAZ LED Lighting Extrusion!  This unique extrusion offers a 180 degrees line of light and is perfect for creating suspended light fixtures.  This high quality, double anodized aluminum LED lighting extrusion has an overall small size, yet can accommodate two led strips with a max width of 10.8 mm each. 

The JAZ extrusion with the LED light source is ideal for creating light illuminations indoors. The possibility of getting a single line of light, thanks to a frosted cover, makes this extrusion fit all types of arrangements very well. Due to the possibility of installing two strips inside the extrusion, it can be used as a primary energy-efficient light source.


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