We Design and manufacture LED Aluminum Extrusions, LED Profiles, LED Accessories, LED Lighting, and LED Components. Our New LED Extrusions facilitate and popularize the use of led strip light and make design, applications and mounting of the LED ribbon light easy.

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                KlusDesign Company embarked on a project in 2008 to prove that a building could be completely illuminated without any light bulbs.  This project was called “HOUSE WITHOUT A BULB” and was built in Poland.  This is the first building of its type in the world.  The interior and the exterior of the “HOUSE WITHOUT A BULB” are illuminated exclusively with LED lighting technology.  Ground was broke on this project in 2008 and construction ended in 2009.  KlusDesign Company designed, built and equipped the house with the LED lighting system developed entirely by KlusDesign Company.  Since being finished, the house has been open for architects, journalists, and anyone else interested in the various practical innovations in lighting that are throughout the home.  Currently the house is fully furnished and equipped to house our executive offices of KlusDesign Company in Poland.

The concept of the “HOUSE WITHOUT A BULB” was to also promote green living using eco-friendly products.  LED’s are highly energy efficient, consuming only a quarter of the energy that is needed for an incandescent bulb to reach a comparable level of lighting effectiveness.  Illumination and lighting ideas applied by KlusDesign Company to the “HOUSE WITHOUT A BULB” present a great number of possibilities using the application of LED technology.

The wide variety of fixture applications that KlusDesign used in this home can be seen in every room in the entire house, including: garden, driveway, garage, every work station, communication routes, walkways, patios.  Our website displays many of these examples as they are in operation at the home. The LED lighting system is fully functional 24 hours a day whether it be dark or during the daylight hours.  LED lighting is not just a gadget anymore and it can be used in every aspect of our daily life.

KlusDesign Company has been designing and manufacturing for over 30 years.  A few years ago my field of interest changed completely to the lighting industry.  The reason for this was because LED lighting technology emerged and it became completely fascinating to me especially as a designer.  This could be compared to a painter who is given a new means of expression, a sculptor who is introduced to a new type of material, or a musician who was offered a unique, unknown instrument.

In our opinion LED’s are one of these technologies that introduce new quality into design.  The lighting capabilities of LED’s and their compact size give us a number new architectural and design solutions and the use of LED’s can be applied anywhere and everywhere you may need light.