KLUS LED lighting fixtures can provide a convenient and easy way to incorporate LED lighting into your home or business. 

Our LED fixtures are offered in four different styles:

Suspended LED Light Fixtures


Surface Mounted LED Fixtures


Recessed LED Light Fixtures


Stand Alone LED Lamps


KLUS LED fixtures are high quality, high CRI, and UL Listed. Each LED fixture can be custom ordered to include the desired finish, covers, LED color, LED output, and mounting accessories.   Our LED fixtures facilitate and popularize several applications that require compact lighting solutions, and are designed to be mounted indoors and outdoors.

These LED fixtures are perfect for interior design, architecture, furniture, scenography, advertisement, industrial design, exhibits (shop displays, museum exhibits) etc.

They can also be used for outdoor applications including: different types of pavements, sidewalk surfaces, communication routes, bike lanes, driveways, parking lots, construction, landscape architecture (gardens, road line marking, swimming pools, building facades) etc.

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