Led lightingWhen designing a new lighting project there are many factors to consider in the build which always include: what color temperature to use (CCT), what wattage for the correct brightness, which product will solve my needs?

In today’s lighting world there are some additional considerations that, up until 7-8 years ago weren’t there. Technology advancements in LED lighting have created a recent increase in products that allow more creativity, or ability to design specifically to a particular vision. The KLUS company is a leading developer of such products. Through the use of aluminum extrusions and component-based lighting (flexible LED strip), KLUS has created a line of products that emphasizes the word “design” when referencing the Lighting Design profession.

Designers and consumers are no longer forced to use a standard 24”, 32”, or 48” prebuilt fixture where you just have to make it work for your space but instead create something that falls exactly in your design vision. Through the use of aluminum extrusions and LED lighting components, a 37 ½” space can now have exactly that size fixture. Components give the freedom to cut the extrusions, diffusers and the LED to fill the space in question exactly. The idea of filling space with light provides a more natural illumination of a space rather than chopped up sections of light. The nice part is, if the design scope changes to needing highlighted small areas or sections of that same space, due to the versatility of the component based build, those changes can be made to the scope of design on a moments notice, not requiring a completely new option in the lighting, saving time and money.

One unique feature that the KLUS company provides is the ability to maintain the versatility of the component-based product by customizing a specified fixture build. The KLUS team can aid in design decisions and product suggestions when looking for the correct LED components in an application and build, providing a finished fixture to specifications which will fit exactly in the space it is needed, as opposed to that cookie cutter style lighting that is forced to be used regardless of your original vision of the project. This again lets you make fixtures that are to an exact size, color temperature and wattage using the vast range of KLUS led profiles and led accessories without the need to build in the field, only to mount and connect to your low voltage power.

Many commercial buildings and residences are now being designed with component based lighting. Utilizing a component based lighting and creating a more free form of design has resulted in much more creative ideas and views on how lighting can be used to design a space.