If you are looking for a better way to add big light to a small space or integrate lighting into any space without adding a big bulky light fixture? – Then keep reading, because in this blog post we want to showcase two of our newest LED lighting extrusions. 

Introducing first, the MICRO-H, LED Extrusion.

The MICRO-H extrusion is intended for the construction of small-size, linear lighting fixtures.  It can be mounted to almost any surface by using a mounting bracket, which is concealed after the fixture has been mounted.
It is a clean simple design that features an easy snap in assembly for easy mounting. 

MICRO-H, LED Extrusion Install Video

Learn More About The MICRO-H HERE

The other new product is the KOZUS-CR LED Lighting Extrusion

The innovative LED extrusion creates a line of light where the ceiling meets the wall.  It perfectly fits the thickness of one drywall panel.  Take a look at the images and video below:

Learn More about the KOZUS-CR HERE

For more information on how to order, please contact one of our representatives in your area: