Sooner or later, every home, shop, office, or building needs at least some sort of updating.   Tearing down walls, installing new countertops, replacing appliances, trying a new type of flooring, are all popular remodeling projects.   If you are about to tackle a remodeling project for your home or business, don’t forget to add LED lights!   By upgrading to LED lighting, you’ll enjoy benefits that far exceed conventional lighting options.   In addition to being energy-efficient and eco-friendly, LED lights can change the entire look and feel of a room.   People are almost always amazed at how much better and bright their living spaces look after installing an LED lighting system.  

LED lights can be used as the primary lighting source or for ambient or accent lighting.  They can be installed in ways and areas that would be impossible using older lighting technologies.  With the LED extrusions and accessories that KLUS offers, these design options are endless.

Take a look at a few examples:

Kitchen LED Lighting

Bathroom LED Lighting

Office LED Lighting

Upgrade the lighting in your home or business with KLUS LED lighting and you and your guests will be thrilled with the difference.  For more information about products or order – please contact us today!  

Why Choose LED Lights?

They Are Efficient

The efficiency of LED lighting is based on its use of approximately 85% less energy to run than other types of lighting technology such as halogen, incandescent, and even CFL lighting. This minimal use of energy has the huge advantage of much lower power costs, as well as overall spend in bulb unit replacements.


KLUS LED fixtures and extrusions are easily installed in a wide range of locations and orientations both at the interior and exterior of the building. They can be integrated into walls, stairs, ceilings, under cabinets, and much more. KLUS has LED lighting solutions for garages, driveways, gardens, and on building facades

Durability and Longevity

LEDs perform better in harsh weather elements. They are more shock resistant, and last years longer than other light bulb technologies, making them a fantastic option for any lighting application.

There’s a good reason why you’ll now commonly see LED lighting used in restaurants, office buildings, airports, and schools. It is because you simply can’t beat the flexibility and quality of light.