KLUS has made it easier to get comfortable in your favorite room.  The new PDS-ZMG was designed to conceal the light source to avoid the glare and gleam of an exposed light source.   This LED lighting extrusion is perfect for backlighting areas above the TV, computer screens, or anywhere glare can cause discmfort.    The PDS-ZMG comes in black or silver.  

  • Hides the light source – the brightest, contrasting element of the lighting fixture.
  • Narrow light angle.
  • The recessed cover eliminates the gleaming effect.
  • Allows the use of more efficient, transparent covers without compromising the aesthetics of the lighting fixture (LED points remain invisible).
  • Allows you to create continuous light arrangements.
  • An extensive range of fasteners.

Learn More About The PDS-ZMG Extrusion

If you would like to learn more about how to integrate KLUS LED lighting systems into your home or business, please contact us or one of our representatives in your area!