3035-O Extrusion

  • Possible to obtain a line of light
  • Appealing design
  • A wide range of accessories
  • Mounting track for easy assembly
  • Ability to conceal wires in mounting track

The 3035-O LED lighting extrusion is large enough to house two led lighting strips and provides a perfect option for surface mounted or suspended fixtures.


OPK-4 LED Extrusion

The OPK-4 LED lighting extrusion provides an easy way to create beautiful and functional LED lighting in many different applications.  It allows you to create serviceable straight- and broken-line fixtures, built into drywall, flush with their surface, without visible aluminum flanges

Features include:

  • Easy LED service (assembly and disassembly OPK-4 extrusion one click”)
  • Line of light in the built-in lighting fixture without visible aluminum elements
  • Can build fixtures going seamlessly from recessed to suspended ones
  • OPK-4 profile can be bent
  • Smoothly changing lighting height
  • Fits in the thickness of a drywall board 0,47″/ 12 mm
  • Lighting fixtures can be combined to form lighting strings (ZM connectors)
  • The standard TPK-4 profile comes with a “technical cover” that facilitates “clean” mounting of the fixture in the drywall