If you are looking for a beautiful way to add additional lighting to your home or complement other light sources,  LED wall sconces can provide that perfect touch. The KLUS MULTI fixture offers an easy and flexible way to add LED wall sconces that provide beautiful, bright, and energy efficient lighting for a variety of different settings.  Add a beautiful, modern look to hallways, closets, bedrooms, staircases, kitchens, bathrooms, garages, or anywhere general illumination is needed.   The KLUS MULTI LED wall lighting fixture can be custom made to any length up to 78 inches.

The aluminum mounting channel holds up to ten 0.39-inch wide LED light strips that for low ambient lighting, or high output lighting bright enough to be used as the primary light source.

Best of all, you dont need to be a expert installer to add this unique led fixture, it can be installed in six easy steps shown in the video below:

To purchase this fixture contact a KLUS representative in your area.