LED tape lighting solutions has become the go to light source for many projects around the house as well as commercial applications. In order to get the best performance and look, LED tapes should always be used in conjunction with a specifically designed aluminum extrusion and cover.



Why is an aluminum extrusion so important? Let us count the ways:


Placing the LED tape in an extrusion protects it from dust, dirt and abrasions



Extrusions dissipate heat generated by the LED tape and enhances the long life benefits of the LED technology


Better Adhesion

LED strips adhere to aluminum extrusions forming a tight bond and insuring the LED strips securely stay in place


Easy installation

Most extrusions can easily be cut to size and installed quickly

POLI from KLUS Design on Vimeo.


when combined with the ideal extrusion and cover combination, the resulting light is an even illumination across the entire face of the fixture with no hot spots or visible diodes. The result is diffuse, soft, pleasing light.


Small scale

Extrusions eliminate the need for larger, more obtrusive, traditional light fixtures, and can be configured to direct light towards a specific area, and in many different lighting angles.


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