Since 1988 FLORIDA DESIGN magazine has been dedicated to showing subscribers examples of fine interior design, furnishings, and architecture. In addition to the Florida area, readership of this upscale publication extends to all over the U.S., to North and South America, Europe, and more! After a very positive response to an advertisement placed the previous edition, KLUS has once again decided to showcase some of their newest products in the latest edition of the magazine titled “A Touch Of The Tropics” Volume 25#3.

This stunning advertisement depicts an example of how contemporary LED lighting can be used in a tropical open living space.
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FLORIDA DESIGN_3_korekta_3

Included in the above image are some of KLUS’s newest LED lighting profiles and accessories.

The Lipod Extrusion was used to create the breath-taking hanging LED fixture that extends to the wall.

The Teknik Extrusion meets with the hanging Lipod extrusion and runs down the wall to produce a brilliant line of light effect.

The Liger Cover is used with the Teknik LED extrusion.  It diffuses the LED light to eliminate light dots or spots to produce that seamless line of light effect.

DP Fasteners, and Couplers are used for connecting and building the lighting fixtures.


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