A drop ceiling is a secondary ceiling that is hung below the main structural ceiling.  Drop ceilings are commonly used in commercial construction and architecture and have recently become popular in residential applications as well.  Drop ceilings allow for the concealment of electrical, plumbing, HVAC ducts, and offer easy access to those areas for repairs and maintenance.  Other advantages of drop ceilings include increase control over climate, acoustics, aesthetics, and of course, lighting systems!

KLUS offers simple, flexible, and visually striking LED lighting systems made specifically for drop ceilings.   Our GIZA LED Lighting systems are mounted to drop ceilings with the use of mounting springs.  

The GIZA LED light source is ideal for creating your own illumination designs. The possibility of getting a single line of light, thanks to the frosted cover, makes this extrusion fit all types of arrangements. And, because it is made to fit two LED light strips inside the extrusion, it can be used as a primary, energy efficient light source.

The GIZA LED extrusion is made from high quality, double-anodized aluminum, designed for a maximum of two flexible or rigid LED strips, allowing it to be used as a primary, energy-efficient light source.  It can be installed using multiple mounting methods, it has three types of dedicated covers, and can be connected into linear straight or broken runs.  


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