Got something special that you’d like to shine some light on? 

Then take a look at our new KUBIK 45 LED lighting extrusion!  The KUBIK 45 is designed to build skeletal,  cuboid configurations and light forms. The light of the extrusion in the assembled configuration such as cuboid can be directed at a 45-degree angle relative to the extrusion’s sides, inside or outside of the cuboid.  

Perfect for exhibition purposes,  the KUBIK cuboid fixtures can illuminate objects such as sculptures, utility design objects, jewelry, plants, bouquets, food products, and much more.  

The KUBIK 45 LED lighting extrusion is made from high quality, double-anodized aluminum and is designed for flexible or rigid LED strips that are 8 – 10mm wide. The cover options are: cover KA-BIS, HS (frosted or clear) or LIGER (frosted matte). Covers are made of polycarbonate, and additionally, HS covers are certified for excellent resistance to all weather conditions, UV radiation as well as being flame retardant. 

There are small locks inside the extrusion which are designated for ZM connectors to enable easy, straight and angular connections between extrusions, as well as the locks stabilize the ends of the extrusions that are mounted in long runs. 

An integrated, straight line of light can be achieved by assembling the extrusion, densely spaced LEDs (minimum 140 LED per meter) and frosted HS cover or frosted matte LIGER cover (minimum 120 LED per meter).

The LED fixture can also be assembled to be waterproof with a level of IP 67.

More detailed information including data sheets, installation instructions, and compatible accessories can be found HERE.

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