The KLUS PDS-H is another example of a basic yet very useful LED lighting extrusion. Its structure and cross-sections are very similar to PDS-4-ALU, PDS-ZM.

The distinctive feature of the PDS-H are the hooks on the outer part of the profile bottom, which together with dedicated mounting brackets, are used for mounting the profile. After mounting, the brackets are concealed due to the shape of the profile cross-section.

The PDS-H LED extrusion is made from high quality, double-anodized aluminum, designed for LED strips that are 8 – 10,8mm wide.  It provides a beautiful and functional light source that is mostly used as interior lighting, especially to light cabinets, stairs, glass-cases, or as a decoration light for a niche in drywall ceilings. IP 67 version can be also used as an outdoor lighting for elevations or architectural elements of gardens.

PDS-H can be fitted with covers KA-BIS, HS (frosted or clear), LIGER-v1 (frosted matte) or focusing cover S (satin) – from which a 10-degree light beam angle can be achieved. Covers are made of polycarbonate additionally, HS covers are certified for excellent resistance to all weather conditions, UV radiation, and are flame retardant.

More detailed information including data sheets, installation instructions, and compatible accessories can be found HERE.

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