With the summer season right around the corner,  homeowners all over the country have already been busy at work in the garden.  There is just something very satisfying about watching something that has been planted and nurtured begin to grow.  Outdoor garden areas around the home can offer a wonderful escape, a place to meditate, and to enjoy something beautiful.  That beauty can be enjoyed every day and shared with not only with family and neighbors but with the birds, bees, and butterflies.

LED lighting may not always be the first thing considered when thinking about how to improve outdoor areas, however, if you are ready to transform your outdoor living  areas into something flat out jaw dropping amazing, keep reading, because we’ll show you how – using KLUS LED lighting systems that have been specifically designed for use in outdoor areas.

KLUS outdoor LED fixtures, extrusions, splitters, and couplers offer waterproof performance.  In addition, the low voltage outdoor LED lights provide just the perfect amount of lighting accents for boundary walls, waterfalls, water features, garden areas, plants, flowers, and more.  Different colored LED’s can be used to create even more dramatic effects. Unlike other lighting sources, KLUS’s LED mounting systems offer specific directional capabilities. This means that the light emitted can be focused on specific features, instead of being scattered over wide areas.

Add LED Lighting To Walls Or Fences

Use the PDS – O Extrusion – for outdoor individual light fixtures.

This circular LED extrusion is made from high quality, double-anodized aluminum and is designed for flexible or rigid LED strips that are 8 – 10mm wide.  This LED fixture is perfect for garden and outdoor applications because it can be assembled to be waterproof with an ingress protection rating equal to IP 67.  (describes the protection against the ingress of solids, dust and water)

Illuminate Garden Paths and Decks

Use the HR-LINE LED Extrusion  – to add a beautiful, focused or ambient led lighting around paths, driveways, trees, shrubs, borders, and more!

This LED lighting extrusion is made also made from high quality aluminum and is designed for flexible or rigid LED strips that are 8 – 11,5 mm wide.  Covers are made of polycarbonate and certified for excellent resistance to all weather conditions and UV radiation, as well as being flame retardant. It is recommended that the HR-ALU extrusion, together with LEDs, cover and caps, should be sealed with Dow Corning 799 neutral silicone to keep out any dust, debris, or water, and to achieve the IP67 standard.

It is recommended that the extrusion is mounted onto a foam base which cushions the loads carried by the profile and makes the extrusion even with paving stones. In addition, the foam can be used as a template for proper spacing during installation in e.g. cobblestones.  Due to its high integrity and high load bearing capacity, the HR-LINE LED extrusion is ideal for high-traffic areas such as sidewalks, bike paths; it is also suitable for mounting in parking lots, and driveways. Additionally, it can be used to illuminate the exterior architectural elements, such as building facades, terraces, gardens, etc.

For DIY’ers here’s a video that shows how KLUS Led’s can be installed into a cobblestone driveway.

If you would like to incorporate outdoor and garden LED lighting systems to your home, contact one of our representatives today.