Ford adds LED Lighting
Yet another global company has realized the benefits of installing LED lighting.  Some might recall that, back in 2011, the Ford Motor Company announced that it wanted to cut its energy use in vehicle manufacturing facilities by at least 25%  before the year 2016.  To that end, they recently announced that they would be spending $25 million to install LED lighting in their facilities.  Ford researchers expect to save over seven million dollars per year in energy costs alone.  In addition to those energy savings, their current fluorescent lighting systems gradually lose light output, and require bulb replacement every two years on average.  The new LED lighting system has essentially no light output degradation, and the LED bulbs have an estimated 15 year lifespan.   Representatives from Ford explained that the new LED lights will improve safety, provide better lighting to work areas, improved color perception, and uniformity which will result an overall superior lighting system for facilities and employees.

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