Design Dilemma – KLUS Creative Solution Small Scale Asymmetric Distribution Extrusions and Focusing Covers

The Dilemma
Your client needs a small scale, asymmetric directional solution that is also cost effective. This fixture will allow a specifically aimed light pattern to highlight decorative or signage elements in any space.

Of course, once again, KLUS has the answer.
Introducing the POK-US and the DIPOK-US asymmetric extrusions.

POK-US Extrusion – H1234

Featuring a hidden light source and a 50 degree beam angle, the POK-US measures only 1.75” tall with less than a ½” aperture. Designed to be installed in 5/8” thick drywall, the POK-US can accommodate a single row of tape. If more light output is required, the DIPOK-US will hold two rows of tape with the same 1.75” height and a larger .87” aperture.

DIPOK-US Extrusion – H1233

Both the POK-US and DIPOK-US feature a new focusing lens, the LENSO or DILENSO, to fine tune the aim and beam angle. For more information on the asymmetric distribution solutions, POK-US and DIPOK-US, and many other unique KLUS LED lighting solutions, please visit

KLUS Design Video – POKET, DIPOKET, POKUS, DIPOKUS.   Profiles for gallery, stage or exhibition lighting