Design Dilemma – KLUS Creative Solution Introducing the ULTRA 3-in-1 Universal Dimming Power Supply

We get it. No one lies awake at night worrying about what driver or power supply to incorporate into a certain project or application. But wouldn’t everyone’s life just be a little better if there was a power supply option that delivers 3-in-1 universal dimming?

Introducing the ULTRA power supply that incorporates forward phase (TRIAC/MLV), reverse phase (ELV) and 0-10v dimming all in one. Imagine smooth flicker free dimming down to 1% with an IP66 rating for both interior and exterior applications. With universal input voltage ranging from 120 to 277VAC, the ULTRA driver is designed for residential, commercial and industrial applications.

Available in 30-, 60- and 96-watt versions, the ULTRA power supply makes choosing a driver ULTRA easy.

Low output fixtures (also outdoor)

Outdoor fixtures

Outdoor+Indoor fixtures (KLUS headquarters in Poland)