Create Better Task Lighting With Undercabinet LEDs

Does your kitchen get little sun? Do conventional kitchen lights produce shadows or fail to brighten the most used workspaces? Is it difficult to read recipes due to low light? Many kitchens are not designed with proper lighting in mind. But, with a little effort and a small investment, you can make the kitchen more functional.

The best solution for kitchens with poor lighting is undercabinet LED lights. They can be installed where kitchen lighting is needed the most for cooking and other kitchen tasks. Another application idea is called showcase lighting, to highlight items in cabinets with glass doors. This can also be achieved by installing small scale LED tape lighting with protective aluminum extrusions and covers.

Some LED aluminum extrusion housings are designed to be mounted at a 45 degree angle. They can be mounted to the underside of the front of the cabinet, so the light shines back toward the wall or backsplash. 

Undercabinet LED lights are ideal for kitchens where proper lighting is lacking. By installing the lights under the cabinets, every counter surface will have enough light for tasks such as food preparation and cake decorating. LED lights can be installed in such a way that the lights will not be visible from other parts of the room and can be connected, so only one switch is needed.

KLUS Under cabinet LED lights are a great way to add beautiful and effective lighting.