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The KLUS MOD-50 LED Lighting Extrusion

The KLUS MOD-50 LED lighting extrusion is used to build lighting fixtures with high light output, with space for power supplies and control electronics. With it the light can be directed up [...]

A Concealed LED Lighting Extrusion – KLUS LIT-L

The KLUS LIT-L LED lighting extrusion was designed to add an attractive accent to the design of any room.  This concealed or indirect LED lighting extrusion is installed under a layer of plaster [...]

KLUS LED Stair Lights

There are many reasons why LED lights are quickly becoming the standard for residential and commercial spaces.  Not only do LED lights use less energy, and last longer, they can be adjusted to provide [...]

The Versatility Of LED Tape Lights

Light-emitting diodes or LED lights have changed the way people illuminate their homes and offices. The world of indoor and outdoor lighting has come a long way since the first light bulb was switched [...]

Illuminate Outdoor Areas With KLUS LED Lights

If you are thinking about adding outdoor LED lighting to your home facade, landscaping, or garden areas, KLUS offers a variety of LED light strips, extrusions, and accessories that can be combined to create [...]

Remodeling? Don’t Forget The LED Lights

Sooner or later, every home, shop, office, or building needs at least some sort of updating.   Tearing down walls, installing new countertops, replacing appliances, trying a new type of flooring, are all popular remodeling projects.  [...]

What IP rating do I need?

The requirements for IP rating can vary greatly depending on the state the project is in and the specific customer. For most customers, all the information online can lead to further confusion with particle [...]

Color Rendering Index

What Is CRI? Is It Important for the Area I’m Trying to Light? The color rendering index (CRI) is a way to measure the quality of light that [...]

The Benefits Of LED Cove Lighting For Design

The benefits of LED lighting for design applications include customized lighting options, unique architectural designs, warm tones, and worry-free lighting that doesn't require replacing burnt-out bulbs for many years. LED cove lighting enhances architectural [...]

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