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My LED Lights are Too Hot!

Years ago, when all we knew were incandescent lights, bulbs were known to get extremely hot, in some cases to the point of inflicting a serious burn if it made contact with skin. This [...]

Use KLUS LED Lighting To Create The Perfect Mood

Often referred to as "Mood Lighting" LED lights can be used to create an atmosphere in a room appropriate for any desired occasion.    When entertaining, the lighting can be adjusted to a bright [...]

The PIKO-ZM LED lighting fixture

If you are looking for a bold yet stunning LED lighting solution to create the perfect atmosphere in a room, take a look at the KLUS PIKO-ZM LED lighting extrusion. The PIKO-ZM can be [...]

KLUS Announces 7 Year Warranty

KLUS is announcing a 7 Year Warranty on static IP20 LED flexible light strips. February 17, 2020 — KLUS has announced a new 7 Year Warranty on static IP20 LED flexible light strips. High confidence [...]

Advantages of Using LED Lighting

Light-emitting diodes (LEDs) have many advantages over the regular fluorescent or incandescent light bulbs you see in everyday use. A few key advantages that can be noticed are the form factor of LEDs, their [...]

JAZ-DUO LED Lighting Extrusion

The KLUS JAZ DUO LED lighting extrusion offers impressive lighting for large rooms with high ceilings.  It can be mounted vertically, horizontally or diagonally.  This extrusion is perfect for commercial applications like stations, shopping [...]

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