LED kitchen


LED Kitchen Lighting

One of the most important and functional rooms of a home is the kitchen. Homeowners, builders, and remodelers tend to focus additional time making sure the kitchen combines functionality, storage, organization, space, with style and beauty.  One of the most important aspects kitchen design, is the lighting.   A well-lit kitchen is not only more beautiful and pleasing to the eye, but it becomes more functional and safe.    


Here at Klus Design, we offer kitchen LED lighting solutions that provide beautiful, unique and interesting ways to make the most of this functional area. 


Often kitchen counters and other work surfaces are underneath kitchen cabinets are dimly lit. Our simple to use LED extrusions and LED fixtures immediately eliminate this problem, making all the surfaces much brighter, lighter and easier to use.


By adding lighting to shelves and cupboards you can also turn a practical space into eye catching features. Often people have items they particularly like, whether this is a family heirloom or simply a set of attractive dishes. But by adding extra lighting to the shelf this can become a feature to be admired rather than shut away and rarely seen.


In-drawer lighting can help you locate the items inside whilst adding an attractive glow to the room or you may want to try adding countertop fixtures to really maximize light in frequently used areas.


Whatever direction you decide to take when assessing the light required in your kitchen you can be sure that our LED kitchen lighting systems will make the most of the available space and will also enhance and illuminate any kitchen space.