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Outdoor LED Lighting

In addition to the energy efficiency, ecological friendliness, and durability of LED lighting, KLUS manufactures a range of gorgeous outdoor LED lighting solutions that will suit any environment. We pride ourselves on our design flexibility, creating a variety of different fixtures that are simple, elegant, and capable of providing the right amount of illumination.


Whether you require outdoor LED lighting fixtures for driveways, gates, patios, curbs, or other outdoor areas of a home, office, or retail space, we are confident that we have the perfect LED lighting solution for you. Our outdoor LED lighting profiles and fixtures come with the parts necessary for application. Assembly is generally straightforward and quick, with guidance provided when needed. Durability in hot and cold temperatures makes LED lighting perfect for use outdoors throughout every season of the year. Outdoor LED lights have another advantage over older outdoor lighting fixtures, because LED’s brighten up immediately when switched on, which means that there is no effect on the lifetime of the bulbs irrespective of how often the lights are switched on and off. Traditional light bulbs take some time to brighten up, and turning them off and on frequently causes the bulbs to burn out much quicker.


Each one of our outdoor LED lighting fixtures is designed with minimalistic elements in mind. The aim is to provide adequate lighting without creating too much clutter. Clean lines, simple and strong materials, classic shapes, and cleverly concealed cables are the foundation of our product line. We aim to improve and beautify outdoor spaces without being too overwhelming. The KLUS range of lighting fixtures is intended to enhance the original design elements of an outdoor area rather than adding more clutter to the space.



The design of the HR - LINE profile, while used for surfaces intended for vehicles, provides for standard loads and maintenance/utilization operations.
Profile designed to obtain waterproofness rating - IP 67
Fixture produces continuous light beam (a line of light).


Example of garden lighting fitting scheme using waterproof boxes: