LED bathroom


LED Bathroom Lighting

Whether relaxing in a bath at the end of a busy day or applying make-up in the morning, having the right bathroom lighting can make all the difference.    To unwind and relax you may want subdued and atmospheric lighting yet when applying make-up or shaving you’ll obviously need to a well lit area.


It is possible to combine these requirements using LED  profiles by KLUS. Subtle strips of led lighting around the room which highlights the perimeter and yet still provides enough lighting for a relaxing and atmospheric bath may be enough. However, it is also possible to add personal touches where you feel they are required by picking out spots or areas to highlight such as the bath itself or the sink.


LED’s can be added around the mirrors, integrated into the floors, under countertops and cabinets. There is also something rather pleasing about opening a drawer and triggering an internal drawer light.


Using our perfectly engineered LED profiles and fixtures, the lighting options are limitless.  Create your own patterns on the floor, ceilings or walls by placing subtle lighting strips in hard to reach or creative places.


No longer does the bathroom just have to be just practical and functional; it can be beautiful & stylish.