Stair lighting always seems to invoke thoughts of movie theatres, shops, nightclubs or restaurants.   However, adding that same beauty, functionality, safety, and discreteness, is now available for the home or office.   In the past, adding stair lighting to a home stairway required hours of extra custom work to install, and still the end result looked clunky and obtrusive.   By using KLUS’s LED extrusions, stair LED lighting is easy to install and can even be triggered by a motion sensor.   In addition, the light can be directed up, down, and to the side, all at once, or individually.

Our LED stair extrusions are made from high quality double-anodized aluminum, have non-slip inserts, are extremely durable, and can be weather sealed for outdoor use.   How could they get any better?   Well, KLUS is proud to announce that our popular LED stair lighting extrusions and endcaps are now available in the color black.  This option allows for even better color blending to achieve an almost invisible integration into stairways, pathways, gardens, and so much more.

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