Revolutionizing Kitchen Lighting With LED’s


When it comes to home interiors, the Kitchen is one area that often takes center stage.  So much of today’s lifestyle takes place in the kitchen, so its no wonder that it is one of the most important rooms in the house when it comes to resale.  Kitchens that are functional, safe, efficient, modern, and offer plenty of room for storage and entertaining, are extremely desirable for home buyers.

A carefully thought-out lighting plan can be your kitchen’s best asset, and thanks to KLUS’s innovative products, kitchen lighting has been taken to a new level.  Their LED profiles and LED extrusions, offer the perfect combination of ambient, task, and general kitchen lighting.

Drawer illuminated with the LED MICRO-K Profile; the light automatically turns off when drawer closes.kitchen2

kitchen7 kitchen6

Kitchen cabinet illumination with the use of 45-ALU Profilekitchen5


Whether you want your kitchen to serve as a space for entertaining or for just a romantic dining area for two, these LED kitchen lighting styles provide an amazingly beautiful look, feel, and mood in your kitchen with the added bonus of being energy efficient and highly functional.

Spruce Up Your Home With LED Kitchen Lighting

LED kitchen lightingLighting up home interiors with decorative yet functional LED lights is an integral part of interior décor. Living rooms and bed rooms are the spaces that often tend to get all the importance when it comes to sprucing up homes, with kitchens often left to battle the darkness with a couple of lights on the wall or ceiling. A well-lit kitchen not only makes the place warm and inviting, but also ensures that it is easier to clean food items properly and prepare them for cooking. Good LED kitchen lighting also helps keep track of the color of food throughout the cooking process, apart from making the place hygienic and safe.

Types of LED Kitchen Lighting
LED kitchen lighting often varies based on the type and extent of the kitchen space. Each functional zone of a spacious kitchen demands a different kind of lighting. Modular kitchens with work cabinets need sufficient lights both above and below the cabinets to make the space usable, while conventional kitchens may do with an assortment wall or ceiling LED kitchen lighting fixtures to liven the space.

Cabinet Lighting
Cabinet lighting is used to light spaces above, below and even within the cabinets to make the space comfortable and functional. Bright lights bars, powerful strip lights or dimmable LED puck lights are common options available, and the choice depends on the kitchen interiors.

Task Lighting
Counter tops, sinks and cooking equipment, food bars, and the dining area is highlighted with appropriate LED kitchen lighting needed for the job. LED down lights from the ceiling or adjacent walls usually wash the select area with a powerful yet soothing stream of light. Pantry spaces are covered using LED strip lights, light bars or puck lights for ease of use.

Ambience Lighting
Ambience lighting enhances the general décor of the kitchen, recessed ceiling lights commonly used to flood the space with the muted light needed to avoid any shadows.

Toe Kicks
Lighting kitchen floors are equally important to help make the space both clean and safe. Sturdy LED light strips often running along the cabinet edges enhance both the aesthetics and usability of the space.

Why opt for LED kitchen lighting?

  • Available in several models, ranging from down lights, recessed lights LED strips and bars, dimmable LED puck lights, to pendant lights and rope lights to suit specific needs.
  • Do not generate any heat and are energy efficient.
  • Enhance the décor of the otherwise drab kitchen space.

LED Lighting For Your Kitchen

LED lighting systemsHaving a great lighting system in your kitchen goes a long way in changing the way it looks and feels. And since the kitchen is the heart of the home in most households, this room should be warm and welcoming. There is therefore a need to choose a lighting system that strikes a balance in such a way that it provides sufficient brightness and it is also suitably placed so as to provide good illumination for the kitchen work space.

Moreover, the lighting should not appear improperly harsh.  Since kitchen lighting needs to be clean and crisp, the modern LED lighting system are therefore a great choice.

There are a wide range of products in the market that can provide lighting to your kitchen. However, most of them have limitations in one way or another. For example, they are easily broken, have short lifespans, or are not energy efficient. And unlike LED lighting, some of the traditional lighting systems are actually manufactured with harmful materials like mercury.

LED lighting for the kitchen is able to highlight and add a stunning look to your kitchen in a way that no other lighting system can.  The flexibility of LED’s make them suitable for almost any lighting application.

When building or remodeling, if using LED kitchen lighting, your creativity will be the only limitation on what your can do. Consult with a designer for kitchen lighting ideas.  Many kitchen spaces fall short of how they could look and feel with proper lighting.  Consider lighting under and over cabinets, in drawers, pathways, etc.. The best kitchen lighting designs are achieved by using the right type of LED profile that is perfectly fitted to the right location in the kitchen.

If you are planning to drastically improve your kitchen appearance, then you cannot go wrong with LED kitchen lighting. Besides the fact that they provide a great way of making your home greener, you can choose different designs that can work together to give your kitchen that special look and feel.

Led Kitchen Lighting For Aesthetic Appeal, Energy Efficiency And Uniform Lighting

LED Kitchen LightingMost home remodeling projects are usually expensive. However, if properly planned and the right material used, kitchen remodeling projects need not be expensive. For example, if you plan to do lighting remodeling project in your kitchen, consider using LED lights. This is because LED kitchen lighting offers one of the most economical lighting methods available in the market today. According to the American Lighting Association (ALA), use of LEDs for lighting can result in energy savings bordering on the 90% mark. The energy efficiency of LEDs is way above that of fluorescent, halogen and incandescent fixtures. These lights also have an amazingly long life. This is invaluable in this era of environmental awareness as they reduce a household’s carbon footprint.

Not too long ago, recessed cans and single bulbs were the main form of kitchen lighting. However, thanks to technological developments over the past few decades, LED kitchen lighting is now a reality. Some common LED kitchen lighting include in cabinet and under cabinet lights, soffit or above cabinet, pendants and recessed lights. Apart from increasing the kitchen’s energy efficiency, LEDs impart an elegant and modern look to any kitchen. LED fixtures are very recent innovations. As a result, their highly streamlined and sleek forms have the potential to update any existing kitchen décor.

LEDs are also quite easy to dim. This does come with a caveat: while some LEDs can make do with standard incandescent dimmers, others will require specialized models. As previously mentioned, various LED applications result in different color temperatures. According to ALA, the best color temperature for small residential kitchens is 3000k or lower. This provides a warm outlook for a kitchen. Color Rendering Index (CRI) refers to the ability of a lighting fixture to render colors. LED kitchen lighting offers excellent color rendering. This is critical during food appearance evaluation, complementing decorative kitchen finishes and for social interaction. It is possible to achieve virtually any conceivable kitchen lighting color with LEDs.

LED Kitchen LightingOne of the fastest growing applications for LEDs is under cabinet lighting. This particular application takes advantage of the small size and directionality features of the LED. Under cabinet lighting provides task lighting and supplements the overall kitchen ambient lighting. Under cabinet LEDs, illuminate horizontal kitchen surfaces where food preparation, cooking, food packaging, reading cookbooks and clean up take place. They also provide illumination for the cabinet-holding wall.

Apart from energy efficiency, excellent color rendering and aesthetic appeal, LED kitchen lighting also provides the kitchen space with uniform illumination. This eliminates shadows and can create a semblance of larger spaces for smaller rooms.