LED stair lightingLED stair lights not only reduce the chances of accidents but can even add value to the home. Furthermore, LED lights do not use very much energy and so do not cause a dramatic increase in the electricity bill, even if they are left on all night. LED stair lighting comes in various colors, enabling a homeowner to pick the color and style that best suits his or her home.

How Does Adjustable Stair Lighting Work?

Most homes have straight run stairs, but there are also L shaped stairs, double L stairs, U stairs, spiral stairs and winder stairs. Many homeowners opt to place LED strip lights on the stairs; however, this is not the most aesthetic option, although it is an effective way to light up the stairs at night.

KLUS manufactures specialized LED extrusions which can be attached to any type of stairs. The LED strips can then be placed in these extrusions. The extrusions are made using aluminum and both the extrusions and the LED strips can be cut to size as needed.

These specialized extrusions can be used for both flexible and rigid LED strips. They are suitable for indoor and outdoor use, although they should never be directly exposed to inclement weather. The extrusions are frequently used for stair lighting but are also suitable for the inside of kitchen cabinets and bedroom closets.

The extrusions require assembly but are very easy to put together. Once these have been set in place, the LED lighting strips are placed inside. How bright the lighting is depends on which exact strips the homeowner has purchased, as some strips are brighter than others. There are even interactive strips that will light up when a person approaches the stairs and then automatically turn off again after a person has finished climbing the stairs.

stair lightingThere are numerous advantages to LED stair lighting. It is inexpensive, aesthetic and very easy to install. LED stair lighting that you can adjust to any stair design will enable you to choose the color, brightness and size of the strips. Using KLUS’ new LED lighting extrusions, you can now place LED strips on any type of stairs. LED lights are safe, run on low voltage, do not give off heat and are environmentally friendly. The extrusions ensure that one is able to place the strips on the stairs easily and in an aesthetic manner. Given all that these lights have to offer, it is not surprising that they have become increasingly popular among homeowners.